1. Quick camping trip to Independence Pass, CO a couple weeks ago. 

    (Source: christopherdthompson.com)

  2. Independence Pass, CO. 

    (Source: christopherdthompson.com)

  4. I wrote about pot heads & waiting out a rainstorm at Arapahoes Basin’s Closing Day for Independent Skier. Download their summer issue (for free!) in the Itunes store here: http://bit.ly/UXsfAx

  5. A couple more from Tweens Denver show. 

  6. Tweens @ Lost Lake Lounge. Denver. 

    These steady rockers are on tour and are probably rolling through your town. Go see them tonight in Salt Lake City at Kilby Court. 

  7. michaeldavidfriberg:

    Jenny Lewis y’all. 

    A) This guy right here! *Slow clap*

    B) Jenny Lewis’ new record is THE SHIT. For me, Rabbit Fur Coat was one of those ‘just-started-college-and-I’m-ready-for-shit-to-touch-me’ records. The Voyager meets that bar. 


  8. "Living your life like you know you are dying every day is about much more than following your dreams to become a writer or travel the world or live with abandon. Living your life like you know you’re dying means living with compassion, kindness, love, and unfettered generosity. Those are the things that will make you happy and in turn make others happy and make the world a better place for all of us."
  9. Regram from my trusty assistant @joefriendphotography after our shoot at Boulder Brands for Optimum Wellness magazine.

  10. Deer. Boulder, CO

  11. Into the woods. Boulder, CO

  12. Gully between Flatirons. Boulder, CO. 

  13. Graffiti. Boulder, CO.

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  15. mareen:

    Great elaborate answer by Andy Kerr on Quora.

    Read on at fstoppers.