1. "Living your life like you know you are dying every day is about much more than following your dreams to become a writer or travel the world or live with abandon. Living your life like you know you’re dying means living with compassion, kindness, love, and unfettered generosity. Those are the things that will make you happy and in turn make others happy and make the world a better place for all of us."
  2. Regram from my trusty assistant @joefriendphotography after our shoot at Boulder Brands for Optimum Wellness magazine.

  3. Deer. Boulder, CO

  4. Into the woods. Boulder, CO

  5. Gully between Flatirons. Boulder, CO. 

  6. Graffiti. Boulder, CO.

  7. #lowrider #latergram #ranchero #ford


  8. mareen:

    Great elaborate answer by Andy Kerr on Quora.

    Read on at fstoppers.

  9. jakestangel:

    david benedek, lame, 2003. would have won part of the year 2013.

  10. Beer League Softball - Boulder, CO


  11. "If I glean one thing from the pages of The Americans, it’s the suggestion that the road is still there, and it doesn’t belong to Robert Frank. The road’s mine and it’s yours, and we’re the only ones who’ll know what’s on it, so let’s go quickly, and soon, before our thoughts slow and stop wondering what the light looks like on an evening when anything seems possible, before the movie’s last reel and the credits unspool, before all the ideas are the same ideas, and especially before we start asking ourselves, “What if…?”"
  12. 5 Tips for Aspiring Adventure Photographers When Contacting Photo Editors

    My homie Sarah over at Photoshelter asked me to give some tips to photographers about contacting photo editors in the action sports/adventure category. Head on over to the Photoshelter blog to check out what I had to say. 

  13. We love you as big as Mt. Hood.

    Gates of Glory

  14. Exiting the Palmer lift building.

  15. "Their scoreboard is directly in the way of the best line to the park entrance." -Every Snowboarder.

    Gates of Glory